Patients can bring referrals from family doctor, optometrist or another specialist doctor.

Referrals from a family doctor or optometrist is valid for twelve (12) months.

Referrals from another specialist doctor is valid for three (3) months.

Consultation Time

Patients should expect to be here for around 2-3 hours for their initial consultation

This time may be extended if further investigations or treatments are needed.


Patients should be prepared for payment as it is to be made on the day of your consultation.

We accept cash, cheque, EFTPOS, Visa or Mastercard.

Patients can either take their receipt to a Medicare office to get your rebate or we can send this across to Medicare for you.

Patients will be informed of the costs associated with their appointments by our staff.

What to bring

Please bring the following documents and items:

  • Valid referral letter from a family doctor, optometrist, or other specialist doctor.
  • Medicare card / Pensioner card / Healthcare card or DVA card.
  • Current prescription glasses. Avoid wearing contact lenses.
  • A list of your medications and allergies.
  • Family doctor, optometrist, or other specialists contact details
  • Sunglasses and a hat are encouraged as patients eyes will usually be dilated for an examination, making the patients vision blurred for a few hours.

cancelPatients are advised not drive immediately after your consultation. Please arrange for someone to take patients home following consultation.